smoked salmon bagels

From fridge to plate in five minutes.
From fridge to plate in five minutes.

Some Sunday mornings you spring out of bed, ready to cook a full English and take on the world (or Oxford Circus) powered by the holy breakfast trinity of eggs, bacon and HP sauce.

Other Sunday mornings, no force, human or divine, could part you from your doona.

This is one of those mornings, and since I’m nursing a cold that, like a bad house guest, just won’t seem to pack up and leave, here is what I ate. Not because I think you need a recipe for something as simple as pouring milk over cereal, but because occasionally we all need a reminder of how deeply satisfying a smoked salmon bagel can be.

Smoked salmon bagels
1 wholemeal bagel (ok, I’ll concede to the sesame seeded kind too)
2 tbsp Philadelphia cream cheese
2 slices smoked salmon

You know what to do. Enjoy your Sunday morning!


2 thoughts on “smoked salmon bagels

  1. Ooh shame I read it on Monday. I’ll have to wait 6 long days to have my delicious smoked salmon bagels!
    Anyway I vaguely feel like I inspired this post with my comment about the tortellini one being simple. 😀

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