Can I reprint your recipes on my blog?

Absolutely. I only ask that you name this blog and include a link to the original post. Thank you for your interest!

Can I use your photos?

All photos on tiny kitchen, big appetite are copyrighted, which means that they should not be reused without my explicit permission. However, if you really love a photo and want repost it on your site, you can save that image from the blog, and use it. Please make sure you’re only using one photo at a time (rather than all the photos in the post) and clearly link the photo back to tinykitchenbigappetite.com, or the post itself. Much appreciated!

If you’d like to use the photo for any other purpose (e.g. commercial use, decorations, books, pamphlets etc) you’ll need to contact me to purchase the photo first.

Will you exchange links with me?

I have not established a blog roll, and will generally only link to recipes I have used, or sites that I fall in love with.

I’m gluten-intolerant / an IBS sufferer / a coeliac. Are your recipes safe?

Some recipes have been specifically designed to avoid foods that are known to trigger reactions in certain people. These are marked as such in the tags. However, I’m not a doctor, dietician or nutritionist, and cannot guarantee that these recipes are foolproof. If you have any doubts at all about a recipe, please don’t follow it!

Also, bear in mind that keeping a gluten-free environment is about more than just the recipe ingredients. A gluten reaction can occur when your kitchen utensils are holding a trace amount of the allergen – so do make sure that you’ve cleaned everything thoroughly!

Is your kitchen really that tiny?

I’ve had three kitchens since moving to London, and the first two were charmingly known as ‘kitchenettes’ (i.e. so small there’s an Archimedes-like displacement that goes on every time you go to use the stove). This latest one is slightly bigger, and has an oven, which I am pretty darn excited about. Bring on the baking!


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