the tiny kitchen

My name is Kahmen, and I’m a Londoner by choice.

I moved to this country almost a year ago, and whilst my ever-present mad love affair with food and food enthusiasts continued uninterrupted, I also discovered just how flexible the term ‘generous’ can be when it comes to kitchen space. Let’s be honest, I’ve had cupboards bigger than my tiny attic studio. This is fine. My affection just gets concentrated because it’s over a smaller area.

But working with a very small space presents unique problems in the kitchen. What seemed so easy is now next to impossible; translating recipes using eleven vegetables and five pots and pans is frustrating and often messy (putting plates of meat on the floor so you can chop the herbs is at best strange, and at worst unhygienic). I spent many months juggling breakfast bench space with sink space and two-hob stove space and at the end, when I perched on my couch with the hokkien noodle stir-fry and surveyed the pile of washing up to be done, it hardly seemed worth the hassle. No wonder the 2 for £3 soup offer at M&S gets a workout.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I search for healthy, delicious food that is easy to prepare. Isn’t everyone? I don’t necessarily subscribe to the one-pot cooking technique, which can be limiting, but I promise that all these recipes can be reasonably accommodated in a small space without too much drama.

Because cooking should be fun and above all, it should be worth it!


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